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In 1926, Narcis Bes Bosch mounted a shop making shoes size 1 Number of Girona Merchants Street, popularly known as Snow Street. There he began making shoes for men and women. In those years, customers who wanted to teach him some shoes catalog, choose the model that they liked, they wanted the color and skin of your choice. Then he made ​​a wooden mold for each customer and kept with a label, so client used to be always the same. Should fattened, he put some moose. Having taken the measurements and cut the pieces of skin, "enfranquidores" sewed shoes, which could be suede or tefilat. Then did a test customer or client. If the shoe was fine, delivery and if you did not quite fit, it made ​​the adjustments needed.

Narcis Bes Bosch came to do with their hands, 4,000 pairs of shoes. What it costs when it began is not known, but in the end the price ranged between 200 and 300 pesetas per pair. Many people would Girona home because it was in a very central location - even more so in those years.
Change in sales
In 1936, after the outbreak of the Civil War, Narcis Bosch Bes and continued working as he could. There was never closed the doors of the business, but had to scramble to get the skin which could often resorted to the black market or made ​​exchanges. After the war lacked everything, but he got the skin of warehouses Can Joan Ferrer Street Citizens. Indeed in 1953 the company moved to No. 3 in this street, the place where there was formerly store "Photos Sans." From here begins a new stage in the sales of men's shoes sewn by hand. Then it was called "luxury craft." It was a shoe that was listed as "shoes Menorca. It was during that time when they stopped making custom shoes for men and only dedicated themselves to making shoes for women.
Between 1957 and 1958 Narcis Bes Borrell and started working at a young age with his father, causing an apprentice cobbler, making shoes to measure, but it was not until the early sixties when you start to make a change activity of the business, selling mountain equipment, backpacks and other items related to sport mountain. The year 1964 begins with the products of the sport of skiing in 1983 Bes family leaves absolutely making and selling shoes, to devote himself to selling products related to the world sport.
That's when extending the street shop and buy a local citizens who had really had been a store selling groceries. Focus on mountain sport, selling skis and all kinds of products related to these activities. Now remains the same since then, and Narcissus Bes said that stores have hurt everyone, "but we stopped because we've gone quite well we specialize, we do not play no football or basketball, or anything all this. "
Esports Nabes