Test conducted in the area of the Crosa volcano at Sant Dalmai, in an area of undergrowth forest road and trails.


TRACK: Around the volcano crosa


LAND: dry

In this case I try trainers with a philosophy completely different from what normally use, not just for Zero Drop, but also to the extent that give the fingers on the front with the system "Footshape Toe Box" giving maximum freedom ...

Emphasizing the light with only 250g in the upper 43EU and a one-piece seamless, with reinforcement termosellat to toe to protect against the impact of rocks, the top gives us a very good feeling of freedom.

We consider that to be Zero Drop and not being used, we need to make an adjustment in this case, the Web Altra explains in great detail. 

The next part will mention is the middle one, with a thickness of 21mm and EVA rubber with a new compound "A-Bound EVA" more respectful of the environment, and a system of cuts, allowing better flex career and giving both plenty comfort.
The sole is divided into different zones in an area noted for each finger independently tacos "TrailClaw", thus simulating the most natural feeling to run. The single also notable for the amount of studs in different directions and measures, thus providing a very good grip in many areas, though, not too technical to be as flexible as it loses a little stability.

We also have a hard plastic templates "Stone Guard" to put under the Normal template so when we go very rocky terrain, be more protected and feel much impact under foot.

Also note that the heel and a velcro to paste directly leggings if necessary.